Posted: Apr 20, 2021

Accreditation and Grants Manager

Village of Hanover Park - Hanover Park, IL
Salary: $25.47 Hourly
Application Deadline: N/A

Job Summary

Position performs duties necessary for the daily operations and administration of the Department's Accreditation Program as well as seeking, applying for, tracking, and reporting progress of law enforcement grants.

Under general supervision of the Support Services Sergeant, plans and carries out regular work in accordance with standard practices and previous training, with substantial responsibility for determining the sequence and timing of action and substantial independence in planning and organizing work activities, including determining the work methods. Through experienced judgment, solves most complex problems or unusual situations by adapting existing methods or interpreting instructions to resolve the problem or issue. Policy problems or changes in procedures are discussed with the supervisor, but ordinarily the employee plans the work, lays it out and carries it through to completion independently. Work is generally reviewed for technical adequacy, appropriateness of actions or decisions, and conformance with policy or other requirements; the methods used in arriving at the end result are not usually reviewed in detail.

This position has regular access, at the departmental level, to a wide variety of confidential information, including police reports of a sensitive nature, criminal and internal investigations, property and/or evidence records and court records.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities will be to coordinate the Police Department accreditation process as the Accreditation Manager for the department and coordinate the Police Department grant process as Grant Manager for the department.

Ensure the Police Department meets and maintains those standards required by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and ensure the administrative staff is kept abreast of changes in CALEA standards and the status of the department in meeting those standards.

Identify trends in CALEA standard development and alert police management to anticipated or forthcoming changes in those standards. Document changes in standards and update directives.

Write and assist in the revision of departmental policies and directives. Review and compare directives to CALEA standards and guidelines, noting any deficiencies, as well as methods of correcting those deficiencies. Assure that policies and procedures do not conflict with accreditation standards.

Educate department personnel on the accreditation process via written and/or verbal means. Identify and institute methods of informing Village administration and the public about the accreditation process.

Keep accreditation folders updated, manage the process, write reports and develop manuals as necessary. Collect the appropriate reports and proofs to satisfy accreditation standards and place them on file in the proper folders and computerized system as necessary.

Ensure that staff review is conducted on all newly proposed directives and any proposed changes to existing directives. Keep a detailed file documenting staff review and comments/changes to any proposed directive along with the final draft.

Maintain a file that details the receipt of directives by members of the Department. Contained in this file will be the directive receipt forms, which will contain the numbers of the directives.

Prepare, document, and organize time sensitive documents utilized in the accreditation process. Prepare appropriate accreditation reports as required.

Attend meetings, seminars and conferences of professional associations such as CALEA and I-PAC in order to keep abreast of trends and developments in the field, and to represent the Police Department's interest before these groups. Communicate with other police agencies on accreditation issues.

Perform mock on-site assessments for Illinois police departments seeking accreditation or reaccreditation.

Update accreditation plan as necessary, prepare for re-accreditation assessments, plan preliminary and on-site assessments, and coordinate on-site assessment.

Search for law enforcement related grants via the internet, offices of state and federal elected officials, and other governmental agencies. Determine whether the department conducts or could reasonably conduct programs or activities that would be covered by a particular grant. Apply for appropriate grants. Track progress of grants, including status of application and program progress for active grants. Prepare and submit reports to the grant administrator as required to maintain eligibility and funding.

Education &/Or Experience

Completion of an Associate's degree (A. A.) from a two-year college or equivalent combination of formal education and police training, plus a minimum of three (3) years of police or municipal experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above.

This position requires considerable experience in the accreditation process through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA); extensive knowledge of all applicable Federal, State and local criminal statutes; considerable knowledge of law enforcement to include the applicable rules, regulations and case law; considerable knowledge of police department operations.

Certifications, Licenses, Registrations

Must possess and maintain in good standing, a valid driver's license.